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Airplane Wing

When you need to organize files,

xAgent Folder is designed to make installation of any plugins,

or files in to X-Plane as safe, fast and easy as posible. 


No more moving filer or folders,

no more stress figuring out where the add ons belongs!


We know how to build the sim from basic.

Already today your sim will look more realistic. 

 Everything you find on these web pages are for free!!


xAgent Folder


DropIt - Install First


When you need to organize files, DropIt can eliminate much of the drudgery of searching and manually opening folders and moving files around.

Drop a group of different files and folders on the floating DropIt image and it sorts them to defined destination folders, compresses or extracts them, opens them with associated programs or performs other defined actions.

You can define how to filter your files (by name, directory, size, date, properties, content, regular expressions) 


Designer: Lupo PenSuite Team

Product: DropIt

Version: 8.5.1

Price: Free - Donate

UpDate (d.m.y): 15.12.2020

Download (direct gogle drive)


Enjoy the time you just saved!

xAgent Folder - ( new name, same amazing tool )


REALESE Date d.m.y for first Alpha edition : 04.03.2021.


    --"now works on all files on our google drive, dropit only one time"

What is xAgent Folder?

 xAgent Folder is an amazing software tool, wich is designed to make installation of selected / any plugins, or files in to X-Plane as safe, fast and easy as posible. We want you to build your sim with the xAgent Folder and the DropIt software.  No more moving filer or folders, no more stress figuring out where the add ons belongs!

The new version.

We have redesigned everything, to make it easier for you, and to support all files from our google drive.  All files are original and are not modified in any way, we just rebuild the structure so it can work with xAgent Folder. Therefore only files from our google drive are supported with xAgent Folder.

How to install:

Start by installing Dropit software first, we recommend that you use the wizard and install the software as dropit recommends. So do not change the path or disk. Then install xAgent Folder, and again use the wizard and install it as recommended. So it's so easy click next next next next and install.

How to use.

Download the file (s) you want to install, the (file (s) must come from our google drive or this site!. Important the file (s) that you are about to install must be on the same drive as X-Plane 11, so is X-Plane 11 on ex c: \ X-Plane 11, than put the download file (s) into ex c:\download folder or select any folder as long its on the c: \ drive.

Open up Dropit software, then find you download files and just drag and dropit the file over the xAgent Folder icon, to the right side of the shield. A new window appears / opens, check that the paht is correct and that it point to your x-plane folder ex c: \ X-Plane 11 . If so click on the play icon, when the window closes the files are imported into x-plane. If the path is wrong click on X to close, then move you files to same drive as X-Plane 11

Virus warning when download, ex from google drive! 

This is not a virus, is only Google that says all exe or executable files can contain a virus, but as I say as long it comes from our site, or our google drive we guarantee it does not contain any viruses! Here you have two choices, download the file DIY and do the installation yourself or download the exe files from, than you dont get the virus warning info. Link to you right "Green button" We use Chrome to download. The files has been scanned for malware ✔

Installation note: (read first Backup note: &  Very important note:)

Use these files in proper order:

1. DropIt_Setup.exe 

2. xAgent Folder.exe

Upgrade note:

If you already have xAgent Folder and want to upgrade use this file:

UPGRADE xAgent Folder.exe

Very important note:

If you have your own Dropit project installed, using your own setup/settings or script. DONT INSTALL FILES OVER HERE, use this file:

PROFIL xAgent Folder.exe

Backup note:

All installation form the ex. forums.x-plane / or our google drive is at your own risk, so always remember to take a backup of the entire x-plane 11 or the correct folders before installation!

If you need support, please register for free and use the chat or forum!


Designer: Etron

Product: xAgent Folder

Version: 1.9

Price:  Free

UpDate (d.m.y): 01.07.2021

Download (direct gogle drive)

Download (xAgent Folder First time)

Download (xAgent Folder update)

Download (xAgent Folder profil)

Download ( DIY )


How to:


Agent Folder Xp


We has for over 2 years supported files from the x-Plane forum, creating many solutions on how to install the files as easy as posible. The project can continue if you want to take it into your own hands. But we have chosen to end it now, in order to make it easier for new users of x-plane 11. Therefore we are developing the new xAgent Folder instead of the old Agent Folder XP.  Thanks for using this amazing tools, and welcome to xAgent Folder.

The end!

Designer: Etron

Product: Agent Folder XP

Version: 23

Price: Free

UpDate (d.m.y): 15.12.2020

Download (xAgent Folder First time)

Download (xAgent Folder update)

Download (xAgent Folder profil)

Submit your great addon:
Original file must be on or

Thanks for submitting!

Realease note xAgent


Version 1.9 Updated

Version 1.8 Added Ultra Weather XP 2.62

Version 1.7 Added CSL BB_Virtual,  clist & AXP_  "Livery Zibo"

Version 1.6 Added background_screenshot & Follow me 

Version 1.5 Added Xchecklist and vas-airplanetoolbox-windows-x64. Fix one bug

Version 1.4 Added SimHaven X-EUROPE, SimHaven Vegetation Library & SimHaven X-Europe Seasons
Version 1.3 Added Boeing B747-200F  
Version 1.2 Added Extended Night Lighting
Version 1.1 First Alpha version, updatet Boeing, Airbus and others
Version 1.B4 Added zOrtho4XP + overlay, and zzz_hd_global_scenery4
Version 1.B3 Added Japan Airports MX6 
Version 1.B2 Added Airports MX6 
Version 1.B1 In testing, first release 

Site Maps

 xAgent Folder - Site Maps - All product on site listed: this list is now update d.m.y: 24.04.2021 !! 


YouTube - File Share - Plugins - Utilities - Download - Tips & tricks +++

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